How artificial intelligence can help your business thrive


Artificial Intelligence (AI) uses maths and logic to enable computers to carry out tasks such as learning, reasoning, and predicting. This means AI can mimic the problem-solving and decision-making capabilities of humans.

In collaboration with WIRED, this video will help you to understand how AI can help you automate many of the tasks required to run your business. For example, resolving customer queries, automating your sales processes, and improving workflows.


  • Hear from two small businesses on how they are using AI
  • Understand the benefits of AI
  • Find out how AI could be relevant to your business

Read time:

6 mins

Examples of AI and automation tools

In the video, you have seen some examples of AI tools. Some AI and automation tools will be better suited to your business than others. You just need to find one that fits in with your business strategy and which works best for your product/service.


Some examples include (please see below disclaimer):

  • Zendesk - Customer service software which uses AI chatbot tools to gather and analyse customer data, and personalise your customer experience
  • Genesys DX - Aims to help create personalised customer experiences at scale by bringing together AI and human support
  • Legal Robot - Aims to help create automated legal analysis so you can identify potential issues in documents
  • Gong - Aims to help businesses to close deals by providing analysis of customer interactions
  • TimeHero - Aims to help you schedule, manage and automate your work in one place. It automates daily schedule building based on your availability and reacts to changes automatically
  • Zoho - A suite of software which aims to help you optimise your business through data analysis and tools such as personal assistants
  • Grammarly - An AI tool which aims to help your business communicate more effectively by analysing your writing and suggesting changes


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